Samstag, 18. September 2010

My vision tonight!

I see the world and it inspires me to engage in it. I watch people in the supermarket down the road, in the cafe where I work, and I percieve all diversity, more thank I can fathom or grasp, more than I could ever imagine. But there they are. And each of them has an impact on this planet. And each of them is trying to understand something of this world. Each of them is feeling how it feels to be alive, is walking and is striving and is needing and trying.

What is it that I want to try? I want to put my hand into their heart and turn on the light, when I see them sitting grim and frowning. I want to put my hand into their mind and stroke away the pain and doubt and all the fear that they carry around in their way of being, their way of trying to be an image of something that doesn‘t exist, of trying to be in fashion, of trying to be someone else than they are. I see them distracted, I see them searching and I feel so alike. I am ditracted, I am looking away, I am searching and hurting for this world and this life that is so radiacally fast and furiously hard and cold around me.
I want to invite them into a real conversation with themselves. If I could put a drop of fearless selfreflexion into every coffee I serve I would be the most satified world chaging person on earth. I want to give them the feeling of what it means to live on this planet Earth and be meaningful. I want to creat opportunities where their inner soul pressure, that arises from not knowing how to engage in positivity, can be released. I want to give them keyholes for their keys of engagement into this world, of participation in what is real and not what is distracting and fake and flimmering into their minds from TV and advertizements. I want to give them reality. Real chocies every morning when they get up and enter another day of their lives. Real meaning when they look at their work at the end of the day and real opportunities to smile about what they have created and done. Real consciousness about who they are in being human, what it means to take themselves and their own potential seriously.I want to give them a chance to become the butterfly that wants to come out of them. I want to take away their fear of cocooning, their fear of the dark, their fear of maturing because once they go into it they will find out how beautiful they really are. And out of this beauty in each of us only good things for the world can arise!

by Katharina, Team Idem Basel

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