Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

retreat in Kichheim 26.-28.02.10

The long wanted and needed Idem retreat happened the last weekend. We were all really excited that it finally could happen again, we just had no time, means, will or capacity to meet to look into Idem again as if it was newly founded.

Friday we had some personal exchange around a central question which was:
"Which experience had/has importance into your future?" I haven't been there, so I cant tell you how they were. (Maybe some one wants to share his/hers with us?)

Saturday started with two questions:

"What do you love to do?"
"What gives you energy?"
First we sat alone and thought about this questions our self, than shared them with someone and the listener than wrote a short story about what he heard. I like to share one story we heard:
"My car is finally road worthy for the long journey ahead. My family have joined me to wish me farewell, some of my friends are there too.
Together we load the car with carpenters tools of all shapes and sizes, each having been made for specific purpose.
As important are the toys, there are several coloured balls and a parachute which is cavity to be held by a group of children is a wish.
The tank is loaded but it will be needed to be filled many more tomes to make the long journey to Mongolia.
On my way I will use my skilled hands to work the tools and I will teach children games, in return I hope to see a smile on a young girls face. I want to help young people to do what they really want to do and to help those that are less fortunate or face difficulties in life.
I am privileged but that's not what is important, to me a gift can be a 19 years old boy telling me his life story, I will listen with wide eyes, as the light dives at dusk.
I will collect stories which I will take with me on my way back home over the Caucasian mountains."

After more of these beautiful stories we went into the "Open Space" with different groups.

The following image will show the outcomes of the first group where we were talking about the present status of Idem.

The notes of the other groups you will find theme her

There is one great picture to come, I haven't got it yet.

Friday 5th of March we gone talk about a few upcoming open meetings were you can bring your topic and were we will ask questions like: "What is your burning question in life? Why do you stand up every morning? Why do you do what you do? What is the chance you want to see in this world?" The dates haven't been set yet, but we hope that we can do that way:
  • May - Ruhrgebiet
  • June - Basel
  • September - Berlin
  • November - Munich
Some when in November/December we gone have another retreat to close the year 2010.

All in all it was a great meeting, not to enthusiastic, not boring but grounded and clear, hope to see you all at the next meeting to get Idem again what it is - a platform to share!

Any questions? Dont wait to ask! write to mail (at)

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