Samstag, 24. April 2010

Idem Future Meeting

first notes:

Idem future meeting 24.04.2010 Haus Julian,

Katha, Ianthe, Silvia, Caitlin, Valentin, Emilie, Josias, Jara, Fioirna, Lukas, Sebastian

10:30putting up central questions for the meeting

putting the questions hear.

The initiative questions are more general and might answer the reason for Idem to exist.

Many of the questions have been asked several times and are more personal, we speak of Idem in the third person. Where is the real overall question? How can I get the questions down from all the problems in the world to the question what I can actually do?
(How) Do I want Idem to exist? Different levels to look at that question.
platform / network
place / space
idealWe have been talking about different issues but already always assuming that we want it to exist.

Lukas: says I want Idem, the questions stays how
Katha: Need to be „cleaned“ up and her yes depends to the renovation of the platform. Wont say yes to the yesterday platform, opening the space to reinvent the platform
Fiorina: Idealistic platform yes - might see later that it cant work
Emilie: Sees a lot of potential and says yes to the building of something good
Valentin: The platform is relevant, yes
Josias: Can say yes to concrete thinks - but is not sure if that is the platform. Cant say yes to the platform because he cant carry it.
Caitlin: Theoretically it‘s beautiful, pretty easy question
Jara: Depending on the learning and newlines of the platform, if we keep it inside she can say yes
Sylvia: Likes the word net weaver and that‘s what she can do at the moment.

14:14 Uhr
Juliana, Dave, Saskia joined in

Resumé about previous session.

Talking about the office/space/place
Community needs a common place/space to meet as a basis for a platform, which could have Satellites all around. That space need to be kept free, that everyone who want can join in.
People walking in the office asking specific question, thats the point where office work gets exciting.How free are we in the Mitte office what can we do without disturbing others in the office.
An office needs to make people enthusiastic and stay itself enthusiastic. If you keep the overall picture of the project and the vision even stuff such as bookkeeping gets exciting.
Does it need a fixed structure or could it be a moving one? A fixed one creates stability and a flexible one needs to be build up and taken down.


Who's able to do what, personal point view:

Don‘t only talk about changes and than see what happens but rather just try it and than see what happens.
Situation in the office feels totally different, open to live the changes we want to see.

Bare foot Guide meeting:
05.05.2010 contact Sylvia

Contact person for information about a further meeting:
Emilie and Jara
Possible questions for the next meeting

Further meeting midst of May, date being set in the office

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